Cancellation of a commercial activity license

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Cancellation of a commercial activity license
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At the stage of terminating the practice of commercial business, the beneficiary must cancel his/ her commercial license associated with the facility, and through this service, you can cancel the license for the following activities, for example, but not limited to: A business license, environment licenses, an industrial company license, a medical company license, a food company license, a tourism company license, and a professional institution license. etc.

service level agreement

1) Select the facility register and choose the license.
2) Complete the required data, if any.
3) Pay the fees if the activity is immediate or send the request to the municipality in the case of non-immediate activities.

In case the cancellation is not immediate, attachments are requested to prove the closure of the activity.

Learn about the list of required government requirements and approvals according to the type of activity.

See the executive instructions in the list of fines and penalties for municipal violation.

الاسئلة الشائعة
Can a commercial license be revoked?
You can cancel the license by choosing (owner/manager of a facility) and you can apply through the following link:
In the event of cancellation of the commercial license, is the commercial registration verified?
You can apply for the service of canceling a commercial license, and the commercial registration is not verified, and it is possible to cancel even if the commercial registration is cancelled, but it is necessary to add the commercial registration and make sure that the license is linked to a commercial registration number before canceling.
How can I access my canceled licenses?
You can access it through: My Services > My Applications and Licenses > My Licenses Canceled > You can view or print the cancellation scene by clicking on the Print button.
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