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Official assignment to the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing:

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing Was Established In 1395 AH / 1975 AD By Royal Decree No. (A / 266) Dated 10/8/1395 AH, The Ministry is responsible for the urban planning of the Kingdom's cities, and the implications of providing roads, and essential equipment. It also enhances cities, develops municipal and rural areas, and manages the required services to maintain environmental cleanliness and health in the Kingdom. The Ministry regulates also all functions related to housing, with many initiatives, programs, and projects for individuals and business-related matters., And in The Year 1442 AH / 2021 AD, A Royal Decree Was Issued to Join the Ministry of Housing to The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

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Balady Platform:

The "Balady" platform was developed in cooperation with the various municipal sector entities to be the national portal that supports the municipal community. This platform currently includes three primary responsibilities:

(1) Interactive services that help promote the concept of community partnership to improve the quality of services provided to beneficiaries.
(2) Electronic services that help submit electronic requests to obtain the most frequently used licenses.
(3) Information services that help beneficiaries to make relevant decisions, which contributes to improving the level of satisfaction with the municipal sector entities.


Excellence in providing municipal services, achieving urban sustainability in all regions of the Kingdom, and organizing and facilitating a balanced and sustainable housing environment.


Improving the quality of life and prosperity in Saudi cities to respond to the aspirations and needs of current and future generations and achieve the residents' happiness.

The Values

  • The beneficiary first
  • Transparency 
  • Integrity creativity
  • Community participation  

Strategic Goals

The pillars  Strategic Objective
Institutional superiority
  • Improving the efficiency of resource utilization in the ministry
  • Raising the level of quality of the ministry's services provided to customers in accordance with the standards of institutional excellence
  • Enabling the highest levels of digital maturity and readiness in the ministry
  • Improving an internal work environment that stimulates and incubates creativity​




  • Enhancing the quality of services provided to all kingdom secretariats and municipalities.
  • Activating beneficiaries' roles as active partners.
  • Improving and increasing municipal public sector entities' levels of satisfaction

Comments & suggestions

For any inquiries or comments on municipal services, please fill in the required information

Last update date: - Saudi Arabia
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