Competitions and Purchases

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The Etimad platform allows users to download the announced tender documents and review the general results of t tenders electronically, as an extension of the ministry's initiatives aimed at improving and developing the labor market environment, and out of its belief in the concepts of transparency and participatory for the ministry's procurement department.

The service aims to promote and support the principle of transparency in the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, increase community participation in innovation on new and current initiatives, as well as clarify the stages of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing competitions, and stimulate corporate competition and procurement efficiency.

Planned competitions and purchases

The planned competitions will be updated once the new budget of the Ministry is approved.

Current competitions and purchases (open)

reference number Competition name competition type Offering date Bid opening date the condition
221139818754 A project to produce and publish media content using various media platforms and channels, in addition to conducting media research general competition 3-Nov-22 4-Dec-22 open
220539576206 Providing advisory services to develop a budget methodology to shift from item budget to programs and performance Limited competition 2-Jun-22 20-Jul-22 open
220939662459 Developing the network of the municipal sector and the internal housing sector general competition 18-Sep-22 30-Oct-22 open
220939772249 Network support to the Ministry by supplying network equipment and operating licenses general competition 19-Sep-22 30-Oct-22 open
221039794929 talent management program requirements Limited competition 13-Oct-22 5-Dec-22 open
221039799269 Requirements for establishing a training center Limited competition 18-Oct-22 24-Nov-22 open
220839644240 Managing and operating the Documents and Archives Center at the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing general competition 5-Oct-22 23-Nov-22 open
220939654398 Professional translation and Arabization of building code versions project - Municipal Services and Infrastructure Sector general competition 1-Sep-22 25-Sep-22 open
220939772272 A project to improve and develop user interfaces and publish digital products - the Ministry's Agency for Digital Transformation and Smart Cities general competition 21-Sep-22 23-Oct-22 open
220939772019 Building mobile applications, applying quality and testing standards, and activating the reporting system general competition 18-Sep-22 19-Oct-22 open
220939777906 Operation, maintenance and cleaning of the building of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing at the endowments of King Saud University, Building No. (8) general competition 21-Sep-22 24-Oct-22 open
221239846129 Managed services for operation, technical support and project management for the Agency for Digital Transformation and Smart Cities direct purchase 7-Dec-22 25-Dec-22 open
221039791107 Migration and upgrades of interconnection circuits (IPVPN & DIA) and service (DDOS) general competition 6-Oct-22 16-Nov-22 open
221039794293 Develop, automate, and deploy blueprint, consolidation, segmentation, and digital cockpit services general competition 11-Oct-22 10-Nov-22 open
221039798871 Renewing and securing Microsoft licenses and programs within the agreement of major customers for the Ministry's office and its affiliated sectors general competition 15-Dec-22 15-Jan-23 open
221039807538 Developing a cyber security strategy Limited competition 26-Oct-22 23-Nov-22 open
221139820360 Workshops discussing the achievements and objectives of the Ministry with the participation of Their Highnesses, Excellencies and Excellencies general competition 6-Nov-22 28-Nov-22 open
221139820949 Support and development of the performance appraisal system general competition 7-Nov-22 23-Nov-22 open
221139821458 Studies, designs and supervision of the projects of the General Administration of Administrative Affairs and Facilities to implement all requirements for improving the work environment Limited competition 7-Nov-22 18-Dec-22 open
221139823889 A specialized translation project for media content on the Ministry's website general competition 8-Nov-22 24-Nov-22 open
221139833571 Azri systems and software for the municipal sector general competition 20-Nov-22 22-Dec-22 open
221139835594 Change requirements, internal communication and work environment Limited competition 20-Nov-22 18-Dec-22 open
221139842625 Develop leaders in the skill of storytelling direct purchase 30-Nov-22 8-Dec-22 open
221239844576 Security guards project for the Ministry building in Olaya general competition 4-Dec-22 4-Jan-23 open
221239845292 Preparing the restaurant of the Ministry building in Al-Ghadeer district general competition 8-Dec-22 25-Dec-22 open
221239848957 Consulting services project to support achievement in privatization, financial sustainability and digital transformation Limited competition 12-Dec-22 12-Jan-23 open
221239850575 Providing carts cleaning the exterior facades of the building of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing in Olaya general competition 14-Dec-22 1-Jan-23 open
221239851062 Supply and installation of electric lockers for the building of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing at King Saud University (Building No. 8) general competition 15-Dec-22 1-Jan-23 open
221239853490 Securing media, advertising and printing Limited competition 20-Dec-22 5-Jan-23 open
221239853679 Develop, automate, and deploy Voice of the Customer and Customer Service services general competition 20-Dec-22 19-Jan-23 open
221239853716 Building the strategy and operational model for localization and local content in the municipal and housing sector Limited competition 21-Dec-22 22-Jan-23 open
221239854445 Support and supervise the implementation of projects and manage the performance of the support services sector Limited competition 21-Dec-22 1-Jan-23 open
221239854489 Autodesk systems and programs for the municipal sector general competition 22-Dec-22 22-Jan-23 open
221239855162 Developing practical implementation guides derived from design guidelines for urban identity areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia direct purchase 22-Dec-22 27-Dec-22 open
221239856740 Selection, training and evaluation of leaders during the training period Limited competition 27-Dec-22 12-Jan-23 open
221239849776 Equipping internal residents direct purchase 26-Dec-22 29-Dec-22 open
221239858997 Video shooting project for training work direct purchase 29-Dec-22 2-Jan-23 open


Previous purchases (finished)

Contract No. - Etimad platform Competition name Duration of the project the supplier Award date
220801194413 Developing digital services for business paths 720 National Housing Services Company is a one person company 14 November 2021
220601288389 Providing legal support to the Agency for Regulations, Legislation and Legal Affairs 720 Iyad Rashad Reda Law Firm 16 February 2022
220201159272 Supplying 80 cars with the non-ending lease-to-own system to the Ministry 720 Shri Trading Company 16 February 2022
220601292198 Providing advisory services to regulate the housing sector for expatriate workers throughout the Kingdom 365 Management Innovative Services Company 10 May 2022
220601113525 Project of security guards for the Ministry building at the Endowments of King Saud University, Building No. (8) and the Nasiriyah Building 1095 Foundation for protection barriers for security guards 1 June 2022
220801099479 Frequency transfer project between the building of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural and Rural Affairs and Housing Building No. (8) at the endowments of King Saud University and the parking lots designated for the Ministry 1443/1444 AH 365 Maxon Transportation Company 5 April 2022
221001254398 Studying and developing a model for generalizing support and empowerment services for municipalities to improve the delivery of municipal services 540 Ithra United Business Services Company 30 April 2022
220801240024 Supplying and supporting computer licenses for external site monitoring systems 90 Forty Two Information Technology Co. Ltd 28 March 2022
220101075969 Supplying fuel to the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing 365 Al-Drees Petroleum Services and Transportation Company 9 January 2022
220201111950 Microsoft license renewal infrastructure and business intelligence 42 Wadi Al-Omar Information Technology Company 2 February 2022
220601254672 Behavioral Interventions Unit Building Project 365 Hoose Communications and Information Technology Company 8 April 2022
220401173850 Manage and implement creative campaigns to plan the purchase of a home and measure its impact 365 Horizons Advertising Company 24 March 2022
221101007612 Customer Care Center 940 660 Call Center Company 11 May 2022
220801194912 Supply and operation of reports management licenses and institutional structure 365 Brilliant business company for information technology 4 April 2022
220801214712 Operation, development and improvement of the Municipal Investment Portal (Foras) - Phase Two 720 Integrated Telecom Solutions Inc., Saudi Arabia for information systems technology 20 June 2022
221001135734 Developing a strategy and model of supply and demand, its governance, and developing an automated system to link supply and demand 720 KPMG Professional Consulting 22 June 2022
220801127589 Providing services to host GCC meetings in the municipal and housing fields 14 High Lights Company for entertainment events 19 June 2022
220901047474 Organizing an exhibition for the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing 20 Four Lighthouses Inc 4 July 2022
220801085359 They restored the urban code for the northern border regions, Najran, and the cities of Tayma and Tabuk 365 King Saud University 27 July 2022
220201086409 Organization requirements and manpower planning 351 High Group Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd 18 November 2021
211101253997  Establishing and activating municipal data and decision support work 531 Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University 7 October 2021
211001116115 Licensing municipal sector professions to practice business 354 Administrative Innovative Services Company (one person company) 1 September 2021
220101078363 Updating the visual identity of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing 236 S Advertising Agency 27 September 2021
220101061730 The work of the community behavior change initiative about throwing waste 105 Environmental Development Association (Fasil) 6 September 2021
220101088959 Building and operating the integrated system of smart device applications for digital services in the municipal sector 354 Forty Two Information Technology Company (one person company) 13 December 2021
220201105773 Investment opportunities in developing the infrastructure for marine activities 236 Boro Happold & Partner Engineering Consultants 14 October 2021
220101100361 Developing and enabling the customer experience in the municipal sector 708 PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Limited 10 June 2021
220201107662 Surveying of the area between Al-Azizia Road and the mountain peaks overlooking Mina 90 Drop Engineering Projects Company 2 August 2021
220201015465 Supporting the Advisory Committee for Investment in the municipal sector and its sub-committees 365 Boston Consulting Group International Inc 16 November 2021
220201083600 Providing advisory services to study the unification of inspection and control work between government agencies 118 AT Kearney Saudi Company Limited 3 January 2022
220301002147 privatization of municipal services 355 Majmaah University - Studies and advisory services 14 February 2022
220301089674  Raise the media skills and capabilities of the Ministry's employees 118 Awan Training Company 8 February 2022
220601051475 Supplying prevention and disinfection materials for the buildings of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing 10 Bedaya Najd Medical Company (one person company) 21 October 2021
220301132775 General scheme of car parks in five cities 354 Boro Happold & Partner Engineering Consultants 2 January 2022
220301147650 Providing advisory services to prepare the external advertising plan for (12) municipalities in the Kingdom 531 Boro Happold & Partner Engineering Consultants 21 November 2021
220301002383 Technical support for the development of municipal solid waste management 720 Majmaah University - Studies and advisory services 13 February 2022
211201115913   Consultation study of the two deeds located in Gouda, Urayrah and Mutla' in the Eastern Province 365 GUtech Overseas Project Engineering Company 17 June 2021
210701003631  Supplying and supporting electronic archive and cloud services licenses for a period of three years 2020 1027 The perfect offer company for commercial services 28 March 2021
220401103612  A study to enhance competition in the land market in Riyadh 236 Ideal value management consulting company 23 January 2022
220901098336 The project of supplying and installing furniture and office equipment for the headquarters building of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural, Rural and Housing Affairs in Olaya 720 Muffin Al-Rassam Trading Company 2 September 2022
220601020334 Consulting services for customer experience processes 531 National Housing Services Company is a one person company 22 December 2021
220601267547 Advisory services to support the program for preparing a plan to treat visual distortion for 17 secretariats 90 Boston Consulting Group International Inc 10 May 2022
220501170189 Providing advisory services in the financial, economic and organizational fields for support in the municipal sector and the housing sector 540 Ernst & Young & Associates are professional chartered accountants 11 April 2022
220301081154 Financial support for beneficiaries of subsidized housing (Beneficiaries Care Center) 240 Call Center Company 30 January 2022
220601283967 beneficiary relationship management system ( crm ) 365 Strata International Corporation 6 June 2022
220801051665 Preparing and implementing a higher diploma program in urban planning and education 306 King Saud University 2 July 2022
220701131273 Surveys for the study and inventory of properties for the South Umluj project 120 Orbits Engineering Consultancy Office 24 July 2022
220701100538 Rehabilitation of the headquarters of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs or Housing in Olaya 450 Gulf Company 29 June 2022
221001142151 A project to develop the land information system and manage municipal and rural properties by proxy 570 Deloitte & Touche Middle East Company Limited 10 August 2022
220901072484 Develop and improve existing product portfolio 360 Management Innovative Services Company 27 July 2022
220801208432 Privatization of municipal services, the second stage 360 Majmaah University - Studies and advisory services 4 August 2022
220901016976 Innovate, design and develop new residential products and solutions 360 Innovative Services Company 5 July 2022
221001018128 Trademark Study (Residential) 720 Marwan Advertising Company 4 August 2022
22901086879 Market studies for residential products and product awareness 720 Marwan Advertising Company 30 June 2022
220901004154 Maintenance, cleaning and operation of the Ministry's headquarters in Al-Ghadeer district 1080 Al Dhiabi Group Company 17 August 2022
2208011 86775 A project to provide advisory services to support and implement privatization work in the strategic empowerment and privatization sector 720 Ernst & Young Systems and Technology 2 August 2022
220601160572 Providing advisory services on the regulatory requirements necessary to enable the application of the future model for unifying inspection and control work between government agencies 90 Fahd Ahmed Abu Hamid, Majid Abdul Latif Al Sheikh, and Mansour Abdulaziz Al Haqbani Lawyers 27 March 2022
220901117116 Establishment and operation of the completion office 365 Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University 11 August 2022
220901048188 Analysis of the current state of the real estate insurance sector, available products and international best practices 120 Don Bradstreet Arabia Company 15 August 2022
220901092483 Internal control system support 730 Saudi Center for Governance Company 15 August 2022
221001037296 Training and raising the skills and capabilities of the Ministry's employees in the municipal and housing sectors 180 Institute of Public Administration 11 August 2022
220901244708 • Developing and operating sales-related fee collection platforms - Undersecretary of the Ministry for Investment and Revenue Development. 720 Vitamin Advertising Company 15 August 2022
220901105103 Determine the future strategic direction of Sakani 2.0 180 Devoteam Saudi Co. Ltd 11 August 2022
220901061390 Modeling, development and operation of the municipal development and central control system - compliant 720 Majmaah University - Studies and advisory services 4 September 2022
221001267517 Feasibility study of the initiative to implement mechanisms to raise coordination offices in the municipalities 270 data sounding office 19 September 2022
221101210252 Draft request for furnishing some offices of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural and Rural Affairs and Housing in the endowments of King Saud University, Building No. (8) 30 Aflak Electronic Industries Co. Ltd 19 September 2022
221001019272 Support and development of government resource planning systems (transactions and resources) 365 Saudi Source Systems Company 4 September 2022
221001195921 Supply and operation of SAP licenses 365 Al Moammar Information Systems Company 3 October 2022
221101181305 Providing advisory services to support constituent councils and support the activation of trust companies 365 Ernst & Young Systems and Technology LLC 6 October 2022
221101332967 Develop performance management framework, tools and requirements to ensure proper project implementation 365 KPMG Professional Consulting 11 October 2022
221101019642 Technical consulting for decision support content 180 Boston Consulting Group International Inc 11 October 2022
221001185815 Protection of electronic services 365 Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University 17 October 2022
221001284484 Project of modifications of office spaces in the buildings of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing 365 Anas Bin Ali Bin Saleh Al Shuwaier General Contracting Est 24 October 2022
221101333076 Studying the sustainability of the completion center and identifying and developing revenue sources 270 Devoteam Saudi Co. Ltd 24 October 2022
220701060878 Implementation, application and deployment of the government resource planning system 720 PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Limited 5 September 2022
221101076519 A project to support the ownership of housing units in the old neighborhoods and city centres 180 King Saud University 27 October 2022
221101332790 Develop and improve the post-monitoring portfolio of municipal services 365 Data sounding office for management consulting 17 October 2022
230101011482 Ministry engineers training 180 Real Estate General Authority 3 November 2022
221101026590 Developing and improving licensing procedures (commercial construction) 356 Data sounding office for management consulting 31 October 2022
221101279999 Developing and updating municipal requirements 365 Management Innovative Services Company 14 November 2022
221201115104 Developing the 3 * 3 training and rehabilitation initiative 365 Tenth Ocean Company and its partner for management consulting 15 November 2022
221101230701 Renewal of technical support for the attendance and departure system, fingerprint devices, and the mobile application of the Ministry's office 1095 Business City Company Limited 11 November 2022
221201122951 Creating and publishing marketing content to support the work of the national plan to treat visual distortion, the first phase 90 One Investments Company 25 November 2022
221101329347 Developing the capacity of municipal observers 720 Taibah University - Research and Consulting 21 December 2022
230101011314 Urban Landscape Improvement Certificate 1 270 King Saud University 29 November 2022
221201118205 A study to find a clear mechanism and governance for the procedures followed by all concerned authorities to issue excavation licenses 120 Data sounding office for management consulting 29 November 2022
230101002993 managed services to operate the infrastructure) 720 Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University 29 May 2022
230101003117 Developing and supplying smart security gates system 570 Business City Company Limited 30 November 2022
221201107318 Developing the employees of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing 365 Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University 5 December 2022
230101004057 Operation and improvement of the administrative communication system 1095 Evertime Gluel Services Inc 20 December 2022
230101006727 Operation of call centers 540 ccc call center company 25 December 2022
230101007196 Provide digital signature service 1095 Post Telecom Company 25 December 2022
230101014153 A project to provide advisory services for learning by doing in implementing the work of the transformation program of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing 210 Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University 28 December 2022

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