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This section reflects the keenness of the "Baladi" digital city platform to implement the highest technical standards for electronic platforms, and to implement every new technology that contributes to enriching the platform and facilitating access to all its contents. This section also provides information about the government design system applied to AAA international standards related to people with special needs, the various channels for providing available services, and mobility via smart phones.

Accessibility in the unified national platform

The digital city platform "Baladi" is keen to apply the highest technical standards related to electronic platforms, and it constantly seeks to apply every new technology that contributes to enriching the platform, and facilitates access to all its contents, which leads to an increase in the number of users and visitors to the platform, and to raising the extent of their interaction.

The platform is also compatible with all standards of the World Wide Web Consortium in terms of ease of use, access and other technical standards, all of which contribute to the improvement of the electronic platform. My platform is also compatible with other browsers appropriately.

The Government Design System, which applies the international AAA standards

The digital city platform "Baladi" followed the government design system applied to the international AAA standards, which was launched by the unified national platform GOV.SA; Desiring to support government platforms and enable them to implement accessibility standards. It can be viewed by clicking here .

People with special needs

  • One of the most prominent aspects implemented by the "Baladi" digital city platform, with regard to ease of use and access, is its interest in people with special needs, in order to enable this privileged category to deal with the platform effectively.
  • The “Baladi” digital city platform contains a “text reader” feature, which is one of the means that helps to read the texts on the platform page, without the user needing to activate any other programs. This technology is very useful for the visually impaired, and for platform users who have difficulties in reading. Read texts online.

Multiple channels to provide services

The digital city platform "Baladi" in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is constantly striving to develop the support it provides to the beneficiaries of its services. And for that; It has established many channels to provide electronic services to its auditors in a safe and reliable manner.

Browsing through smart phones

The digital city platform "Baladi" can be browsed through smart phones, where many services and features are available, such as: the search feature, choosing and changing the language, as well as browsing electronic services, government agencies' directory, systems and regulations guide, and national plans and initiatives. It is also possible, through the smartphone platform, to view the latest news and events, as well as answer surveys, and contact the customer service center.


Comments & suggestions

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