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Common Questions

General questions

Manage the account in my country and use the electronic services
  • Can the user modify his data (e-mail, mobile number, national address, employment application, scholarship application, Zakat declaration, building permit application, etc.)?

  • How is the site modified after changing the store's location?

  • What are the available channels for submitting a complaint?

Licensing procedures

Everything related to municipal licensing procedures in terms of conditions or requirements
  • What is the Saudi Building Code?

  • What is the purpose of the Saudi Building Code?

  • What is the Saudi code for residential buildings?

  • I have an old survey decision, is it valid, or do I need a new survey decision?

Technical problems

Solutions to technical problems and any problem related to procedures

  • Is it possible to request a service to renew a license whose expiration date is less than 90 days?

  • What is the procedure when a notification appears to the customer (the trade license number is wrong)?

  • What are the available channels for submitting a complaint?

  • Is it possible to issue a demolition permit if the building does not have a building permit?

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