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Common Questions

General questions

Manage the account in my country and use the electronic services
  • Can the user modify his data (e-mail, mobile number, national address, employment application, scholarship application, Zakat declaration, building permit application, etc.)?

  • Can the license be issued by the municipality directly?

    No, licenses are issued through the Baladi platform.
  • Are there fixed prices for engineering offices regarding the issuance of construction building permits?

    Engineering office rates are an agreement between the office and the beneficiary.

Licensing procedures

Everything related to municipal licensing procedures in terms of conditions or requirements
  • a cadastral decision has been issued, and the client has purchased the land adjacent to him and wants to annex the plot adjacent to the cadastral decision. What is the procedure?

    The plots must be merged first, after applying for another cadastral decision.
  • A building permit has been issued, and I want to add a role and delete a component, which is the appendix. What should I do?

    You can amend the building permit after issuance by applying for the service of adding and amending building components.
  • How do I issue a commercial license from Balady site?

    You can visit the following link: https://balady.gov.sa/Services/Terms?id=23
  • What is the necessary procedure in case of duplicate licenses?

    It is possible to apply for the service of deleting a duplicate license through the support services.

Technical problems

Solutions to technical problems and any problem related to procedures

  • Can two licenses be issued on the same site?

    Municipality license for the same site, provided that the requirements of the municipality are applied.
  • How is the end of the license and the end of payment determined?

    It is determined from the start date of the license, the number of license years and the number of repayment years.
  • Is it possible to issue a demolition permit if the building does not have a building permit?

    Yes, a building demolition permit can be issued after issuing a survey decision for the purpose of (demolition).
  • What are the available channels for submitting a complaint?

    1. Balady application.
    2. Balady website.
    3. Call Center 199040.
    4. Social media channels.
    5. WhatsApp (0548368888 – 0126149779).

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