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Balady Store

A group of municipal services available through the “Balady” application, and contribute to accelerating the pace of providing municipal services to urban residents with innovative business m


Develop public benefit markets by operating them by the private sector

This initiative aims to raise the efficiency of establishing and operating public benefit markets by the private sector in accordance with the best international standards and experiences.


Developing the municipal real estate investment system

Developing and processing regulations, legislation, and executive regulations for the disposal of municipal assets, which raises asset revenues and contributes to achieving financial sustainability


Evaluate and treat dangerous sites and prepare existing urban roads with the necessary traffic safety elements

The initiative aims to produce a heat map for sites that witness high rates of traffic accidents and to prepare a list of dangerous sites by collecting statistics and data related to accidents, analyzing them, understanding their causes, and identifying the


Facilitating the procedures for obtaining municipal services, unifying and automating them, and enforcing the electronic link with the relevant authorities

* The initiative aims to overcome the existing challenge represented by the multiplicity of procedures and operational models for the enabling and supporting agencies to provide services within the municipal sector and empower their human resources by worki


Improving customer experience by applying a centralized, interconnected system

* The initiative aims to develop beneficiaries' services by studying and improving the customer's journey in the municipal sector

* The initiative targets clients of the municipal sector and stakeholders


Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Complaints System (940)

The initiative aims to provide a single platform to receive citizen complaints and respond quickly to them through a unified system that supports the municipalities and municipalities and helps in prioritizing improving the quality of municipal services pro


Improving the revenues of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing

The initiative aims to improve the revenues of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs by imposing or amending fees on municipal services and irregularities, or investing in the real estate sector


Increasing community participation by activating the role of municipal councils and the participation of civil society institutions and establishing an interactive platform to present ideas and attract pioneers of ideas and innovators

• This initiative aims to increase community participation and volunteer work and attract ideas from the beneficiaries of municipal services to raise the efficiency of municipal work through activating the role of municipal councils and the participation of


Listing and documenting lands and real estate units based on a unified cadastral reference and updated topographical maps to speed up the real estate registration.

* Obtaining reliable information about land ownership is one of the main obstacles that many Saudi cities suffer from, which negatively affects the urban landscape in cities.

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Last update date: - Saudi Arabia
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يرجى عدم تضمين معلومات شخصية أو مالية. سيتم إرسال تعليقك وتسجيله لغرض تحسين الخدمات في منصة بلدي
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