Modification of a commercial activity license

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Modification of a commercial activity license
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To enhance the continuity and expansion of the commercial business of the beneficiaries through this service, the commercial license data can be amended by increasing the area of the shop or modifying the commercial activity and others.

service level agreement

1) Determine the establishment's registry and choose the license.
2) Update the data to be modified.
3) Pay the fees in the event of an immediate amendment, or send the application to the municipality in the event that the amendment is not immediate.

1) A valid commercial license, as expired licenses cannot be amended, but they can be amended through the service of renewing a commercial activity license, where a renewal service is available with the amendment of the license.

2) A picture of the store in case the external panels are modified.

Find out the list of requirements and government approvals required by type of activity.

Read the executive instructions of the list of fines and penalties for municipal violations.

الاسئلة الشائعة
Is it possible to modify the commercial activity without renewing the license?
It is not possible to modify the activity, and it is possible to add a homogeneous activity.
How is the site modified after changing the store's location?
The license cannot be transferred to another site, and you can cancel the license and apply for the service of issuing a new license.
How can the license data be modified from an identity number to a commercial registration number with the same customer's name?
When requesting any procedure in the commercial license services, the license appears in the capacity of the applicant for myself, and a valid commercial record must be entered, then it is linked to the license instead of the national identity number through the Baladi platform automatically, and there is no need to open a report in this regard.
Is it possible to modify the license after submitting the application?
Yes, the license can be modified after submitting the application.
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